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When it comes to hobbies that look good on a college application, it can be tempting to try and find a “cheat-list” of activities that will instantly boost your chances of acceptance. However, the truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What really matters is that you do something that you’re passionate about for an extended period of time, so that you can write about it on a supplement.

According to U.S. News & World Report, colleges typically list profiles of admitted classes on their websites, with common information such as total applicants, acceptance rate, standardized test scores, class rank and average high school GPA.

The same report also states that extracurricular activities may still play a role in the admissions process, especially for selective colleges that look for well-rounded students who can contribute to campus life.

22 Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities to Include on Your College Application

Some hobbies that look good on the college application are:


For example, participating in sports can demonstrate teamwork, leadership, and physical fitness. Whether it’s joining a school team or playing a sport outside of school, the dedication and commitment required can make a lasting impression on admissions committees.


Blogging is another hobby that can showcase your skills and passion. It demonstrates your writing skills, creativity, and the ability to express yourself. Whether you write about your hobbies, current events, or personal experiences, blogging allows you to build a portfolio of work that can impress admissions officers.

Creative Writing

If you have a passion for storytelling, creative writing can be a great hobby to pursue. It reveals your imagination, expression, and the ability to craft compelling narratives. Whether you write short stories, poems, or even novels, this hobby can set you apart from other applicants.


Volunteering is a hobby that not only shows altruism and compassion, but also highlights your social awareness. By dedicating your time and energy to a cause or organization you care about, you demonstrate your commitment to making a positive impact in your community.


Photography is a hobby that requires patience, concentration, and attention to detail. It allows you to capture moments and tell stories through images. Whether you focus on landscapes, portraits, or documentary photography, this hobby can showcase your artistic eye and technical skills.

Singing and playing instruments

Singing and playing instruments are hobbies that showcase musical talent, dedication, and creativity. Whether you pursue these hobbies through school music programs, private lessons, or independent practice, they can demonstrate your passion and commitment to music.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts, such as painting, drawing, or paper quilling, exhibit artistic flair, originality, and innovation. These hobbies allow you to express your creativity and create unique pieces of art. By showcasing your artistic skills, you can demonstrate your ability to think outside the box and bring new perspectives to your academic and personal pursuits.

Cooking and baking

Cooking and baking are hobbies that reflect culinary skills, cultural diversity, and experimentation. Whether you enjoy creating elaborate dishes or experimenting with different flavors and techniques, these hobbies can showcase your creativity and passion for food.


Hiking is a hobby that demonstrates adventurousness, resilience, and environmental awareness. By exploring nature and challenging yourself physically, you show a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the environment.


Gaming, when approached with a strategic mindset, reveals skills in strategic thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. Admissions officers understand that gaming can be a complex and competitive activity that requires critical thinking and teamwork.

Social media

Social media is a platform that showcases your communication, marketing, and networking skills. Whether you use social media to promote a personal brand, engage with others, or raise awareness about a cause, this hobby can demonstrate your ability to effectively communicate and connect with others in a digital age.

Flipping items

Flipping items is a hobby that displays an entrepreneurial spirit, financial literacy, and resourcefulness. By buying and reselling items for a profit, you show an understanding of market trends, negotiation skills, and the ability to identify value.

Learning finance

Learning finance is a hobby that indicates curiosity, analytical ability, and ambition. By diving into the world of finance and developing skills in budgeting, investing, and financial analysis, you demonstrate your intellectual curiosity and your drive to understand and master a complex field.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting are hobbies that allow you to express your artistic vision, emotion, and perspective. By honing your artistic skills and showcasing your unique style, you can convey your

Learning to play an instrument

Learning to play an instrument is a hobby that manifests musical aptitude, discipline, and perseverance. By dedicating time and effort to mastering an instrument, you demonstrate your commitment to developing your skills and expressing yourself through music.


Embroidery, crochet, knitting, and origami are hobbies that showcase various crafting skills. These activities require precision, creativity, and patience. Whether you enjoy working with textiles, yarn, or paper, these hobbies can exhibit your ability to create beautiful and intricate pieces of art.


Podcasting is a hobby that demonstrates speaking skills, creativity, and engagement. By creating and producing your own podcast, you can showcase your ability to research and present information, as well as engage listeners on a specific topic or theme.


Coding is a hobby that reveals technical skills, logic, and innovation. Whether you enjoy building websites, developing apps, or coding software, this hobby highlights your ability to solve problems, think critically, and create something functional and impactful.


Chess is a hobby that displays strategic thinking, concentration, and competition. By participating in chess competitions or joining chess clubs, you can demonstrate your ability to think ahead, evaluate different scenarios, and make strategic decisions.


Yoga is a hobby that reflects physical fitness, mindfulness, and balance. By practicing yoga, you show a dedication to taking care of your physical and mental well-being. It also demonstrates your ability to find balance and focus in a fast-paced and demanding world.


Gardening is a hobby that exhibits environmental awareness, patience, and nurturing. By tending to plants, you demonstrate your ability to care for and nurture living things. It also shows your awareness of the environment and the importance of sustainable practices.


Dancing is a hobby that conveys physical fitness, expression, and coordination. Whether you enjoy ballet, hip-hop, or ballroom dancing, this hobby showcases your ability to express yourself through movement and your dedication to mastering different dance styles.

When selecting activities, focus on those that bring you joy, curiosity, and drive, rather than choosing based on how they will enhance your application. Put effort into seeking out projects, experiences, and activities that inspire your creativity and encourage your leadership skills. Aim to connect with peers and adults who bring out the best in you. Choose activities that please you so much that you don’t mind the effort involved. Some students prefer to have multiple activities, while others prefer to focus on a few. Regardless, the ultimate measure of any extracurricular should be whether it brings you happiness and feels right for you.