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Florida, the sunshine state, is renowned for its beautiful aesthetics and pleasant atmosphere. It is appealing for tourists as it is packed with beaches and cruise ships. Many other things complement Florida, and one of such is the vast number of birds seen around, which can now be observed even more closely with the help of bird watching drones.

Birders are often excited to be in Florida due to the various migratory birds seen flying around the state. In fact, over 500 species of birds have been recorded in Florida by the Florida ornithological society records committee. For bird lovers, this post will highlight 15 common birds in Florida. Let’s begin!

1. Florida Scrub-Jay

The Florida Scrub-Jay is the most desired bird by birders. These birds are only seen in Florida and nowhere else in the world.

These birds reside primarily in scrub oak, and they rarely move far from their nest or scrub oak areas. Florida Scrub-Jay is a vigilante and watchful. During this period, a family member stays back to watch out for hawks while other members search for food.

These birds are not difficult to spot. You can visit any Florida reserve to spot this bird, and you should be on the look for a long-tailed blue songbird that perches high on trees. These birds can also be spotted searching for crickets as they hop on road edges.

2. Painted Bunting

painted bunting perched on a rock

In Florida, during the colder months, there is an opportunity for an introduction to bird watching for beginners with a stunning bird called the Painted Bunting. While this bird species is more commonly found in Texas, it is also widely seen in Florida.

Spotting a Painted Bunting can be a matter of luck as they tend to be shy and not often seen lingering. However, beginners can still attract these beautiful birds with a variety of methods, such as offering insects, millets, and an assortment of bird seeds. It’s worth noting that while both male and female Painted Buntings possess their own allure, the females, unlike many other female birds, are considered more lovely than their male counterparts.

Their olive green color and yellow bellies are a striking combination. In contrast, the males exhibit a breathtaking blend of green, red, and yellow, creating a visually stunning appearance.

3. Northern Mockingbird

northern mockingbird perched in bush

In 1927, Florida declared the northern mockingbird as its official state bird. Apart from Florida, three other states in the US also make this bird their state bird.

The birds are beautiful and unique due to their exceptional vocal abilities. The Northern Mockingbird can copy many sounds and sing them. They are also known for their ability to sing over 200 songs and mimic other birds, insects, and mechanical sounds.

Even though these birds are well-liked for their singing prowess, they are aggressive when feeding and can bully other birds.

4. Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

ruby-throated hummingbird perched

From April to May, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird can be easily spotted around nectar feeders. You should also keep in mind that these birds are not only common in Florida; you can also find them in almost every state in the US.

The birds are characterized by a luminous blend of green across their wings, head, and back. Moreover, the male hummingbird can be distinguished from the females by the ruby-red throats.

5. White-Breasted Nuthatch

white-breasted nuthatch on alert

For birdwatchers who are interested in observing the White-Breasted Nuthatch, having the best binoculars for bird watching can greatly enhance their experience. This bird, known for its white-colored breasts and bellies, is a common sight in Florida.

Its distinct bluish-gray feathers on the back, small size, and lengthy peak make it easy to identify. Typically seen in small groups, the white-breasted nuthatch can be enticed with berries, millets, and mealworms, making it a fascinating subject for birders equipped with top-notch binoculars.

6. Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule staring

The Purple Gallinule botanical name is Porphyrio martinica. This bird can be spotted in Florida all year round, even though it is only seen in other southern states during the summer.

You can swiftly identify this bird with its yellow tip, red bill, and light blue front body. The Purple Gallinule also has an excellent blend of purple and green hues, which may take time to see.

7. American Robin

american robin standing in grass

Bird photography for beginners can be quite enjoyable and rewarding, especially when focusing on common birds like the American Robins found in Florida. These birds are easily attracted to birdbaths and often pay frequent visits to backyards, providing ample opportunities for photographers to capture captivating shots.

To increase the chances of attracting these birds, offering berries, hulled seeds, and crushed nuts is recommended, as they struggle with breaking hard shells. With their distinctive appearance, featuring a sharp orange belly, dark brown back, and a relatively small yellow-colored beak, American Robins stand out in photographs. Additionally, their unique nests and sky-blue eggs add further interest for bird photographers.

8. American Goldfinch

american goldfinch standing on branch

As one of the common birds in Florida, the Goldfinch is easy to spot. You will be mesmerized by the stunning colors of the birds plummet.

These birds can be found in Florida all around the year, but they are popular during the summer. The American Goldfinch maintains a plummet of bright yellow and black colors during summers. However, their colors change to dull brown and orange during winter, making them hard to spot.

9. Yellow-rumped Warblers

Yellow-rumped Warblers on branch

This yellow-rumped species of warblers are the most common new world warblers. The Yellow-rumped Warblers spend their breeding season in Canada, after which they migrate to the south, Florida inclusive.

During the winter, the warblers often rest in vast and open lands as they feed on fruit shrubs. Hence, you can entice these birds to your backyards with sunflower seeds, raisins, berries, and so on.

These birds often maintain a bright yellow and gray color in the winter. However, their colors change in other seasons. In other seasons, the females’ plummet is covered in brown and bright yellow rumps, while the males’ are grayish olive with yellow rumps.

10. White Ibis

white ibis standing

The White Ibis is found in Florida during their breeding season. Like its name, it is covered in white plummet. The White Ibis also has a long red beak and long legs. These birds are a delight to birders as they are often found in a group or with glossy ibis.

11. Red-Winged Blackbird

red-winged blackbird on branch

These birds are very easy to identify because they are numerous and have different colors on their bodies. The male blackbirds are covered in black with a red and yellow patch at the top of their wing. While their female counterpart has only their belly colored white and another part of their plummet is black.

Both the male and female of this bird have a sharp beak. These birds do not have specific meals, so they eat all types of seeds, whether hard or crushed.

12. Mourning Dove

mourning dove looking around

The Mourning Dove is spotted across Florida all year round. The birds are smaller than the American Robins and have a tubby appearance. They are also covered in pale brown plummet with speckles on their wings.

The Mourning Dove is one bird species in Florida that is attracted to backyards. They are ground feeders and are often seen walking on the ground. These birds perch on low trees, wires, and low fences, in search for food. So, to attract this bird, you can spread millets and seeds in your backyard.

13. Northern Cardinal

northern cardinal standing still

The Northern Cardinal is one of the beautiful birds that are easy to spot in Florida. These birds are often attracted to backyards and open fields, provided there are feeders for them. To attract these birds, feeds like sunflower seeds, millets, and peanut hearts, should be provided either on ground trays or hollows.

Unlike other Cardinals, the Northern Cardinal flies all seasons except summer. To spot these birds, look out for their unique color. These birds are covered in reddish-orange feathers. The females have a duller color with spots of red hues on their plummets.

14. Long-billed Curlew

long-billed curlew on the beach

The Long-billed Curlew goes with the botanical nomenclature, Numenius americanus. The bird is generally a western bird and its feed on Florida’s coast during the winter season. Tourists and residents can spot this bird around coastal mudflats, beaches, as well as marshy areas.

A Long-billed Curlew sells itself away with its long and thin nib, so you can effortlessly recognize this bird. This bird also has splotched feathers.

15. Gray Kingbird

The Gray Kingbird is also known as the white-breasted kingbird. The birds are distinguished by their white underpart, gray chest, and brownish wings and tail. These birds are not ground feeders, and they are fond of feeding on high trees. They primarily feed on insects.

Like many animals, the Gray Kingbirds often defend their territory against other animals and large birds. The Gray Kingbirds were previously restricted to the coastal areas. Hence they are more spotted around the islands in Florida.


We’ve highlighted the 15 most common birds in Florida. These birds are not only common, but they are also aesthetically appealing. So, when in Florida, be on the watch for these birds. You should also keep in mind that these are only the common bird, and there exist hundreds of other unique bird species in Florida.

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