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The use of microscopes now transcends labs and workshops. Several people from all works of life now desire to have one, at least, to feed their curious minds. As a result, affordable and portable microscopes became a necessity, birthing the iPhone microscopes.

iPhone microscopes are special microscopes that are compact enough to take around and functional for diverse applications. Their characteristic feature is working with phones. Although the name could lead you to think that iPhone microscopes work with the Apple phone brands alone, that is not true. The microscope works on both android and IOS platforms. Some iPhone microscopes even function on computers after installing the required software.

You will find in this article relevant information on the iPhone microscopes. If getting one is what appeals to you, you’ll find our tips for selecting the best iPhone microscopes invaluable to choose one. Furthermore, we have suggestions that would catch your attention and answers to pressing questions, all in this few minutes read.

How do iPhone Microscopes work?

There are two distinct ways iPhone microscopes work, and that describes their types. The first method is adapting your smartphone to become a microscope using the inbuilt camera. You can achieve this by buying an attachment of a specially configured lens to offer magnification. Most times, these attachments provide the illumination that every microscope needs. At other times, your phone’s flashlight can do the job. iPhone microscopes of this type are ultra-portable since they’ll have to be attached to the edge of your phone.

The second category has inbuilt cameras and is not dependent on your phone’s image capturing device. Nevertheless, they require a connection to your smartphone as they have no display screen of their own. Meanwhile, using them on your phone often requires downloading corresponding software to your IOS or Android phone. Most come with stands to prop them even though they are portable enough to hold with your hands.

Benefits of using an iPhone microscope

Either you are going to make it your first or additional purchase; the following are benefits of owning an iPhone microscope:

1. Affordability

Unlike other microscopes, you don’t have to break the bank to afford this device. Once you’ve got a phone, you’ll only require a few bills to get them. Some types function as attachments alone and come at even lesser prices.

2. Portable and compact

Where do you need to use it? On a walk, as something catches your interest, at home to prove some collectible coins, or maybe in the office? You can take them anywhere you wish and use them at any time of the day. They would fit into your pocket or purse, so you won’t have to forget to take them along.

3. Versatility

Surprises await you on the diverse applications of this device. For example, using the camera on the IOS platform, you can afford some incredible magnifications, enough to detect some disease causative agent like malaria protozoa. Electricians can thoroughly inspect circuit boards and much more. Its application among several fields and wide availability makes it a most versatile microscope.

4. Ease of use

You don’t have to bother about eyepieces and lenses as you would on other types of microscopes. Using an iPhone microscope is as easy as using your phone’s camera. That said, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this device.

Tips for choosing the best iPhone microscopes

Stores have not been disappointing in making several of these devices available for purchase. Each holds its advantages and letdowns, making a selection quite tricky. Do you want to purchase one as a hobbyist or for other definite uses? Here are crucial things to consider in selecting the best iPhone microscopes.

1. Intended use

You will find several of these iPhone microscopes with different specifications like magnification, compatibility, and so on. If you wish to buy one just as a hobby, you may not necessarily need to go for those with higher specs. For more formal uses, consider those with rechargeable batteries and magnification of 50x at the least.

2. Image quality and functionality

For iPhone microscopes relying on your phone’s camera, your smartphone ultimately determines the image quality. However, if you choose to buy those with a separate camera, consider one with a high spec. You can tell by checking the camera rating in megapixels. Examine the quality of the lenses. It would be worth it parting with a little extra cash than ending with an inferior one.

3. Software compatibility

Some iPhone microscopes require installing software on your smartphone. Ensure it is compatible with your phone or else the device will be useless to you. Most products would have the software information available for users to read. You must pay attention to it.

4. Durability

Although iPhone microscopes are not bulky, a good one must possess some robustness. The material for construction and finish should be a concern to you. If it is plastic, you can know from the feel the quality it holds. Though affordable, your penny shouldn’t go to waste.

Again, check for other perks like water resistance, especially if you like to get up close with specimens in their natural habitat.

5. Power source

iPhone microscopes must have a power source which is batteries. Batteries can either be rechargeable or replaceable. Most of these microscopes use LED illumination is known for low power consumption. That said, you should strongly consider products with rechargeable ones if you have to break a tie between two high-quality ones. That would save you the cost of replacing batteries over time.

Best 3 iPhone Microscopes reviews

1. Skybasic Digital Wireless Microscope

You could almost pass the Skybasic Digital Wireless Microscope for a torchlight with its compact and sleeky build, but it’s everything but that. The device promises a magnification zoom between 50x and 1000x. It is heart-lifting to know that the gadget functions with both IOS and Android platforms.

Providing illumination for your sample is a ring of eight LED bulbs with adjustable intensity. The brightness is so impressive that you often won’t need to use it at the highest glow. Consequently, you can transmit images at 1920×1080 resolutions and have your pictures at 1080P HD quality, many thanks to its 2MP HD CMOS sensor. By tapping a single button, you can either take a picture or record videos.

To connect to a computer, you only have to download “Amcap” software and connect it to your PC using its USB cable. After this, you must grant access to the device on your system to replace the default camera of your computer. As for phones, you can connect to the device’s Wifi after installing the ‘Max-see’ software.

Furthermore, the portable microscope comes with a rotatable stand should you choose to have it remain at a fixed point. The instrument’s compactness allows you to use it on the go to inspect insects and nature with the kids. An impressive battery makes sure you have quality time together before needing to charge again.


  • Compact and portable
  • Universal compatibility
  • Eight adjustable LED lights
  • Impressive picture quality
  • One year replacement service


  • Irreplaceable battery
  • No battery status indicator

2. Apexel MA001 Phone Microscope

The Apexel MA001 Phone Microscope is a compact gadget that packs a punch. Measuring only 2.16*0.9*0.5 inches and 0.39oz, it sits on the edge of your phone without being a noticeable burden.

Also, the pocket microscope has 6-ring LED lights to illuminate your specimen at any time of the day. With a 100x magnification, you can closely examine butterflies, coins leaves, and other macro materials in good resolution. Another way it stands out is its universal connectivity to phones of different brands.

Besides, you don’t have to download and install any software. The gadget works with your phone’s inbuilt camera and magnifies its view of the object.

For its price, the picture clarity at a working distance of 0.14-0.19inch and sheerness is commendable. You would also appreciate its anti-dust and anti-scratch cover. It makes it perfect for outdoor use and indoor use.


  • Light and compact
  • Bright illumination
  • Clear pictures and vids
  • 100x magnification
  • No software required


  • Not for professional use
  • Dependent on Phone’s camera

3. KINGMAS 60X Clip-On Microscope

The KINGMAS 60X Clip-On Microscope presents you and the young ones with an opportunity to explore the macro environment. Checking coins, tiny texts, circuit boards, and other macro elements is conveniently possible with it.

The device can work attached to your phones’ camera, and a firm clip holds it steady. The magnifier sits over your phone’s lens and affords it 60x magnification. You don’t need to download or install any software to begin using it.

Also, with the aid of 3 LR1130 cell batteries, you can power the LED light to get sufficient illumination to work at night as it would during the day.

Thankfully, the device mobility receives a further boost as it comes with a carry pouch to ensure it is always at hand whenever you need it.


  • Firm clip
  • No installation needed
  • Bright LED illumination
  • Free carry pouch
  • Compact


  • Non rechargeable batteries
  • Bulky on the phone

How to maintain an iPhone microscope

iPhone and digital microscopes microscopes are relatively small and are prone to abuses for that reason. While they may come at budget prices, it would be okay to get value for your money by using them for a long time. Here are some ways to take care of your iPhone microscopes.

  1. Avoid direct impact to the device: There isn’t much to the sheerness of these devices since lightness and compatibility is the goal. Parts can easily snap. Hence, do well to wrap them in soft materials if you would have them in your knapsack to avoid direct pressure on them.
  2. Keep the lens clean: Use a lens cleaner to wipe off the surface of the lens should you notice dust settling on it.
  3. Pack it up when not in use: That’s the best way to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  4. Do not leave batteries in them, especially when they won’t be in use for a long time. This applies to those using non-rechargeable batteries.
  5. The device is not a plaything. Keep it out of the reach of children not matured enough to discern its purpose. If you must let them have it, set it up yourself and supervise the use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can iPhone Microscopes have 1000x magnification?

Yes, a 1000x magnification is possible, but only using the camera with an iPhone. For other phones, the magnification will vary. Medical doctors and scientists have seen its use in making a diagnosis for diseases.

2. Can an iPhone microscope see blood cells?

An experiment carried out by some scientists reveals that an iPhone microscope camera can view blood cells. Depending on the phone model you use, smartphone cameras can achieve high magnification with the right lens, enough to rival contemporary microscopes.

3. Are iPhone microscopes worth it?

Yes, iPhone microscopes are worth it. They are relatively low price, coupled with the value you stand to derive from them, which means you’ll have no regret owning one.

4. Can you see through iPhone microscopes in 3D?

No, you can’t see through the iPhone microscope in 3D. There are special microscopes built for such a purpose. Microscopes that see in 3D are stereomicroscopes and scanning electron microscopes (SEM).

5. Does phone type affect the image quality on the iPhone microscope?

Yes, it does. Studies reveal that the spatial resolution of mobile phone microscopy has improved with mobile phone advancement. In other words, the pixel density of your smartphone matters.

6. What is the minimum Phone spec for an iPhone microscope?

The first requirement for an iPhone microscope is that your phone runs on an IOS or Android system. Next is your phone camera’s quality. It follows that the higher the resolution of your phone camera, the better it is for you.

Bottom line

Although called the iPhone microscope, the technology is available for use on most smartphones. It is to your advantage that you own one of these microscopes. They don’t cost much and would afford you similar functions to other microscopes.

Follow the tips for choosing the best iPhone microscopes according to your priority. You can consider several of the factors together to achieve a balance between your need and expectation.

Meanwhile, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that user experiences of the iPhone microscopes may differ. Remember that your smartphone will ultimately determine the microscopy experience you get from the gadget you purchase.

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