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Microscopes no longer need to sit on desks in the labs. In modern times, these devices are now adapted to function anywhere and at any time. One such type is the USB microscope.

USB microscopes are compact microscopes that connect to a computer through its USB port to draw power and display images on the screen. That said, there isn’t the need for eyepieces, and there are lots you could do with the data since it goes directly to the computer.

These microscopes are available at a wide range of prices and varying functionality. Well, which are the best USB microscopes? Don’t you worry! This and many questions will be answered in this article. Just read till the end.

How to choose the best USB Microscope

There are several things to consider when choosing the best USB microscope. Here are some highlights on how to choose the best one for you.

  • Magnification: Be true to the function of a microscope. Look out for those with the best magnification or zoom. Magnification would vary from 100x to 1000x.
  • Image quality: The output of the USB microscope in terms of picture and video quality is equally important. High resolutions should be the target if you wish to enjoy the best details. The higher the rating in megapixels, the better the image and video quality.
  • Size of the screen: For USB microscopes with stand-alone screens, you would want a display large enough to see without straining your sight. The most common screen sizes are in the range of 4 inches and 8 inches.
  • Compatibility with other devices: USB microscopes are more fun to use when you view your samples on a larger screen such as a computer. Check whether the microscope would work with your computer’s operating system or other screens like a smart TV.
  • Mode of connection: Would the USB microscope require software installation or plug-and-play? WiFi connections could experience network issues sometimes. To avoid complications, choose one with the least complex mode of connecting with your computer.
  • The target area of use:if you’re more interested in working outdoors, you must consider the types that incorporate screens with the device. That reduces the need for attaching to a computer to view your samples. Such would also have rechargeable batteries. The battery’s durability would be another consideration in this regard.


5 Best USB Microscopes Reviewed

After considering the factors above, here are the 5 Best USB microscopes on the market today.

1.    Plugable USB2-Micro-250X USB Microscope

The Plugable USB2-MICRO-250X USB Microscope makes the ideal microscope for just about anyone interested in seeing micro items in large sizes. The device has a 2MP lens for high-resolution images and 250X magnification with adjustable focus.

Your computer’s operating system won’t pose a problem. The device’s configuration is versatile for plug and play on most operating systems. Another exciting thing about the device is the LED lighting which reduces glare and improves illumination. It doesn’t stop there!

The microscope also comes with a calibrated observation pad easing the measurement of the sample. Depending on your choice, you can use this microscope as a handheld device or a regular laboratory microscope. Fortunately, the microscope comes with a flexible stand that makes mounting it at a spot easy and comfortable.

Unlike equals, the microscope features a soft-touch capture button at the base so you can capture images while viewing specimens with no hassles. And the fact that a two years warranty backs it is another bonus.


  • Compatible with most OS
  • Backed by 2-years warranty
  • Includes graduated observation pad
  • 40x to 250x magnification


  • Requires software download

2.    Jiusion-1000x Digital USB Microscope

The Jiusion-1000x Digital USB Microscope takes object magnification to a higher level. You can get a magnification as high as 1000X, making it more than a leisure tool.

The device boasts 8 LED lights for unrivaled illumination of the sample. Hence, there is the assurance of crystal-clear details during onscreen display. Attaining these is even easier using the two control knobs for adjusting lighting and focus.

If holding the device while working seems burdensome, you’ll find the rotatable metal balanced for keeping your microscope in position.

The microscope does not only work with a computer with Mac and Windows operating systems. You can also use the device with Android smartphones with OTG functions. That’s how versatile it is!

The most fascinating thing about the microscope is that you can record videos and capture images with it. There is also the possibility of measuring your sample when using it with a computer with Windows OS.


  • High illumination
  • Compatible with OTG-enabled Android phones
  • Windows OS measuring tool
  • Measurement ruler included


  • The stand is not durable

3.    Celestron 44308 Pro Handheld USB Microscope 

The Celestron 44308 Pro Handheld USB Microscope raises the bar for USB microscopes. The device boasts a 5MP lens for capturing incredibly brilliant images and videos of your specimen.

Although the maximum magnification the device offers is 200x, this doesn’t stop you from getting a good result anyway. And besides, the magnification doubles what most of your traditional microscope provides.

The device configuration makes adjusting the focus knobs while holding it more effortless. Besides, the 4-foot long USB cord makes the device very easy to maneuver. Another cool thing about the device is that your specimen and other functions will remain firm while using it.

Apart from that, the microscope has Micro Capture Pro software which allows you to measure and take notes on specimens while viewing. And the fact that the microscope is suitable not only for students but also for professionals or hobbyists is another plus.


  • Adjustable weighted stand inclusive
  • 5MP lens for crisp images
  • Includes Micro Capture Pro Software
  • Lengthy 4 foot USB cord


  • Relatively low magnification power


4.    Elikliv DM4 4.3″ LCD USB Microscope

The Elikliv DM4 4.3″ LCD USB Microscope gives an alternative to viewing samples on the system with its 4.3 inches LCD screen. The image resolution is 720P HD, ensuring you have the best view of your specimens.

The device is rechargeable, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its eight powerful LED lights with adjustable intensity provide all the illumination you’ll need to view a specimen in the dark. As for the lens, it has a magnification range of 50x to 1000x. Of course, that’s enough for you to get a good grasp of your specimen.

This USB microscope is very easy to use. As a matter of fact, the device has a plug-and-play function, so once you connect it to your system, you’re good to go.

Interestingly, the microscope is suitable for all and sundry, including your kids. And at 1.1 pounds, you won’t be weighed down while carrying the microscope from one place to another.


  • Ergonomic and mobile features
  • Allows video capturing and recording
  • PC connection isn’t required
  • It has a built-in battery


  • Supports Windows only

5.    Koolertron AS-SMXW31 USB Microscope

The Koolertron AS-SMXW31 USB Microscope sets you free from the limitations of being compulsorily beside a PC to use a USB microscope. This device features a 4.3 inches HD LCD screen with control buttons.

Like many microscopes on this list, the battery-powered device is also equipped with eight LEDs lights to view your specimen without any hitch. You can even adjust the intensity of the led lights to suit your preference. Weird, isn’t it!

The USB microscope has a 600x maximum magnification and allows you to view an enlarged item with crisp details. Even better, it has a memory card slot to save images and videos.

Meanwhile, the stand is sturdy, having calibrations and clips at the stage to measure and hold the specimen in place. You can also adjust the tripod’s height. This makes it very easy for you to increase or reduce the distance between the lens and your sample.

If you are not fond of using a microscope with a computer, this microscope is for you. Why? Apart from computer, you can also connect the microscope to your smart TVs.


  • Indoor and outdoor functionality
  • Micro SD slot
  • PC and smart TV compatibility
  • Sturdy stand with stage clips


  • Memory card not included

Tips to Maintaining USB Microscopes

  • USB digital microscopes are delicate due to their compact nature. Here are some ways to always keep them at optimum.
  • Avoid touching the lens with bare hands. That would prevent the oily prints produced by the fingers from sticking to the lens.
  • Unplug from the computer and store away when not in use.
  • Avoid moisture from getting into openings. If you must use it outdoor, ensure it has adequate protection from rain, dew, and other precipitations.
  • Avoid sudden impact or falls. Most USB microscopes have delicate parts which can disintegrate or break.
  • Give a professional to check it for you in the occurrence of a fault if you are uncertain of what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a USB microscope best used for?

A USB microscope is best for viewing objects visible to the human eyes. Things like coins, hair, insects, and other macro objects would get sufficient magnification. Again, solid specimens are preferable for viewing with this type of microscope.

  1. Can USB microscopes see cells?

A USB microscope seeing cells depends on the size of the cell and the microscope’s magnification. Hence, large cells like human eggs (0.1mm) would be visible and minute ones like the bacteria (0.5-2.0 µm) would not be seen.

  1. How do I connect my USB microscope to my phone?

Not every microscope can work with your phone. You should first check if the manufacturers specify that the USB microscopes are compatible with phone. Some USB microscopes work with phones like androids, having an OTG function to make the USB connection possible. Other types have the software you must install on your phone before connecting using your USB cable or WiFi.

Bottom Line

Here you have them- five USB microscopes for your pick. Here is a little nudge from us if you don’t know which to choose.

ThePlugable USB2-MICRO-250X Digital Microscope appeals to us the most. The microscope delivers clear pictures with its 5MP. Then, who needs measurement software when you can do so on the stage. Lastly, you need only a soft touch to capture the moment. Everything is that easy.


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