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Kids are bursting with lots of imagination and ideas. The good part is that they have the energy to match. With time, they become fascinated with a particular sport or an activity as it allows them the most expression of themselves. A hobby, you might call it.

Several factors will determine the kind of hobby a kid takes on. These include the environment, physical endowment, and social appeal. Meanwhile, hobbies may change over time as interest changes. But for a few, avocations may end up as a lifelong career.

There are a thousand and one hobbies for kids. Each of these activities has its unique benefits. Finding one for them may be quite a task as they grow. Of course, juveniles have natural inclinations, but it would not hurt to know a few that would be best for them. So, keep reading to find them.

15 Best Hobbies for Kids

We would not even attempt to mention all types of hobbies possible. Generally, we may classify hobbies under five broad categories. These include sports and games, liberal, collecting, crafting, and activity participation. Bearing this in mind, here is a selection of the 15 best hobbies for kids.

1. Football

It is not about making a pro footballer out of them. But, you would be proud if they eventually become one. Football is perfect for highly energetic kids. The sport also helps them to develop psychomotor skills and learn teamwork.

Thankfully, this hobby, once associated with boys, now has just as much following with the females. There isn’t even much required to get started. Get the kids a ball, explain the rules and watch them play as a team.

2. Gardening

Particularly inquisitive kids would love this activity. They would understand cause and effects and transitions in living things as they watch plants grow. Again, it gives them the avenue to play with some soil. Why watch your kids get dirty when they could make some hobby out of it?

Gardening is an ideal activity to teach your kids some tenderness as they have to take care of plants. They will also understand how the food they eat is prepared. Besides, gardening bestows on them an appreciation of nature.

All you need is to allocate a small portion of land for them to begin cultivating. Some simple tools like a garden folk and trowel will do. Select plants that will quickly sprout like vegetables. Such plants are psychologically rewarding as kids see them grow and associate them with their work. You should work alongside them and let them learn what to do from you.

3. Play a Musical Instrument

No doubt, this is one hobby you would be happy your kid picks up. Beyond the melody they will begin to create, much is happening within them as they learn an instrument. Kids that play musical instruments tend to show a high level of coordination, patience, and reading skills. Their confidence is also groomed in the process.

Start by getting them a musical toy commensurate with their age. That means kids can start as early as three. Let them have better ones as they advance.

4. Swimming

You are not only going to have a potential Olympic medalist but also a kid with survival training. Kids would benefit from swimming in several ways. Examples are improved flexibility and psychomotor skills, increased confidence, and cardiovascular health.

Like all good things, they should start small. A floater for the toddlers would make familiarization with the pool leisurely. Teens would need a pair of goggles and a water-proof watch. Of course, this activity requires adult supervision.

5. Photography

Kids love pictures, and when they can create theirs, that is heaven to them. Do you want your kids to learn to see the beauty in everything? Photography is a hobby to pick. Watch them relive memories of images they took and listen to those stories.

You do not have to spend much to get them started. A cheap camera for kids would do. That alone is enough to set free a child’s exploring nature.

6. Cooking

You should not expect some five-star dishes here, but it could be the beginning of something even better. Concepts change of state for matters, reactions, and logic becomes understandable to the young cooks. And yes, you must be there for supervision from start to finish of the process.

7. Dancing

What is a hobby list without some spins and twirls? Dancing is already inherent in most kids. You do not need much to spur them to this hobby. Start with practicing some steps with them. Yes, take the lead here as their first teacher. Soon, you will be the one playing catchup.

8. Software skills

We do not mean advanced software, but even those begin with basics. You can set your kids on the right part by introducing coding games. There are games for toddlers that teach order and basic commands. In popular opinion, kids can begin coding from seven years old. Who knows how far this hobby would get your kid in life? Kids with this recreation tend to become much smarter than they would have been.

9. Gymnastics

Few hobbies could equip kids with balance, muscular strength, and general body coordination than gymnastics. Meanwhile, youngsters would have to start quite early to maintain their flexibility. You can begin by buying them a floor mat and balance beam.

10. Magic Tricks

Unlike what many think, magic tricks require some brilliance and power of imagination. There are online videos to learn how to do some of these tricks. To what end should they do this? Kids would improve their presentation, communication, and public speaking skills, to mention a few. Moreover, their curiosity becomes heightened, and this could be very helpful.

11. Knitting

Knitting requires much creativity, eye-hand coordination, and a long attention span. Kids strengthen these abilities with just a knitting needle, yarn, and threads. Imagine the fulfillment juniors will get when they put on something they thought of and made?

12. Collecting Objects

Kids would love to search and keep precious items. Toys, stamps, coins, and several other materials fall on this list. Through this hobby, kids would learn to sort items, pay attention to details by spotting originals, and caring for things.

13. Solving Riddles

Can there be any better activity to help kids improve their reasoning and comprehension? Sure, they would have to stretch their imaginations and creativity, but that is what youngsters need anyways.

14. Astronomy

Kids can become interested in the science that deals with celestial objects and other phenomena. The hobby holds opportunities for intellectual development and awareness of the universe. You can begin by painting the ceilings to depict the galaxy, stargaze on a starry night or even purchase a telescope.

15. Birdwatching

Another nature lover? No problems. Get that kid a pair of binoculars and a pen to take notes. Meanwhile, a bird guide would come in handy to help the youngster make sense of what is in sight. You can let them start observing from the balcony and get a membership in a birdwatching group as your young one’s interest increases.

What are the Benefits of Hobbies to Kids?

The benefits of hobbies are numerous. Each activity has a unique development it instills in a child. Here are a few of them:

Alleviate Stress

In the words of Bill Malone, “hobbies are great distractions from the worries and troubles that plague the daily living.” Hobbies help youngsters relax mentally and physically. When performing hobbies, kids become free from all thoughts and anxieties.

Helps Develop Confidence

Kids learn to be proficient in other areas of life through success recorded in hobbies. With little or no scrutiny from grownups, they become confident in their abilities. They carry their newfound confidence to other aspects of life.

Learn Social Interactions

Hobbies that require teamwork also instill team spirit and the right interactive attitude with others. That makes juniors better equipped to mix with the larger society.

Enhances Creativity

Most kids have preferences for hobbies that connect with their potential. Consequently, they get to know more about themselves while continuing their recreations. For example, youngsters with a fascination for art learn to draw, make music, and more during avocations.

Develop Psychomotor and Cognitive Areas

Through hobbies, kids improve their general body coordination. Also, they develop strong muscles and gain cardiovascular endurance. Some hobbies also help kids develop problem-solving skills and become more analytical.

It Keeps the Kids Busy

An adage goes thus, “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop.” Kids would find something to do no matter what. Consider a hobby a wise decision to keep them from detrimental experimentations and thoughts.


While we cannot possibly touch all kinds of hobbies for kids, there is no doubt about how helpful hobbies are to kids. Watch your youngster and know their strength before choosing a hobby for them.

Most importantly, do not force any hobby on them, or it is no longer a hobby. Moreover, according to Larry Page, your kid’s hobby may be the incubation of a dream. Help them realize it.

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