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What are the Best iPhone Microscopes

The use of microscopes now transcends labs and workshops. Several people from all works of life now desire to have one, at least, to feed their curious minds. As a result, affordable and portable microscopes became a necessity, birthing the iPhone microscopes.

Best Compound Microscope

In the words of Robert Hooke, “By the help of microscopes, there is nothing so small as to escape our inquiry; hence there is a newly visible world discovered to the understanding.” Compound microscopes are one of the handiest equipment to scientists in the modern era, especially when dealing with things neither the hands nor […]

What does yeast look like under a microscope?

Of all the microorganisms known to man, there are few as important as yeast. You may think you are familiar with this organism, but there is still more to know about this organism if you look at it under a microscope. Yeasts occur in different forms and structures, and identifying them is crucial to deciding […]

10 Most Common Birds in Ohio

Let’s talk about Ohio! The state is famous for many greats that have emerged from it, beginning with the Wright Brothers and at least six American Presidents. But beyond the people and the incredible landscape, Ohio, also known as the Buckeye State, host more than 400 species of birds. That should give you an idea […]

12 Most Common Birds in Georgia

Apart from tasty wine and beautiful landscape, Georgia is also home to many lovely creatures, and one of such is a bird. At least 100 bird species have been recorded in northern and southern Georgia (some are more common than others). If you live in Georgia and you enjoy bird watching, you’ll probably want to know the […]

Best Pocket Microscopes

Pocket Microscopes, as the name implies, are compact microscopes. They offer similar services as the bigger ones, though often with a lesser magnification range. These microscopes are also pocket-friendly and usable anywhere you find yourself. These factors blend to put pocket microscopes on the list of gadgets high in demand. Several varieties of pocket microscopes […]

10 Most Common Birds in North Carolina

Are you a birdwatcher wondering about the species of birds you will see when you visit North Carolina? If yes, the good news is that North Carolina is a place where you will spot beautiful species of birds almost everywhere within the state. This article will show you the most common birds you will see […]

Best Microscope Cameras

Seeing things that are otherwise invisible to ordinary eyes under a microscope gives quite the thrill. But that excitement is short-lived if there is no way to save the experience. That’s why you need a camera to capture the moments. Microscope cameras are cameras adapted to work with your microscopes. Their function is primarily to […]

Best Hobbies for Couples to Bond Together

Having a hobby- something you both enjoy doing together, is one of the secrets to a long and enjoyable relationship. There are many perks to this, individually and as a couple. A joint hobby will spice up your relationship and help strengthen your bond as you spend more time in each other’s company playing on […]

List of Ideas for Hobbies to do at Home

The importance of a hobby can’t be over-emphasized. A hobby can guarantee happiness, less stress, and improved health. Aside from that, a hobby can also help increase productivity, and a better job success rate – little wonder why many recruiters inquire about a prospective employee’s hobbies during interviews. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, said in an […]